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Palestine, Antisemitism, and the Fediverse

Over the last couple weeks as the genocide in Palestine unfolds before our very eyes I have been thinking about writing this post. I have hesitated and even as I write these words I feel like I should not be writing this post.

This is because the most basic of support for the Palestinian cause and the mildest of criticism of the state of Israel can result in accusations of antisemitism being thrown around as a way to silence legitimate criticism of the oppression Palestinian people face on a daily basis.

My hesitation aside, as a moderator of a fediverse instance, the topic of antisemitism falls well within my purview and as such I think it is important to talk about how we moderate antisemitism on the fediverse. To educate myself on the nuances of antisemitism both contemporary and historical and from a multitude of perspectives I read On Antisemitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice, a collection of essays from a variety of authors which include both Jewish and non-Jewish authors alike.

Future Forward

When I first started Ten Forward back in April 2017 I didn’t think I would end up running it for more than a year, two at the most. Very few of my attempts at building communities truly succeed long term. In fact, the only other one that succeeded is EntropyNet which is a small IRC network I started with a couple friends in 2011 and is still going strong.

Ten Forward is of course an entirely different type of social network from what IRC offers and the requirements of maintaining a Mastodon instance are significantly more resource intensive than running a IRC network.

With the six year anniversary of Ten Forward’s creation still in the rear view mirror the fundamental question that has been on my mind is – “what do the next five years of Ten Forward look like?”

Let’s get into it.

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