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Introducing the Ten Forward Savings Fund

In the Future Forward post, I referenced what I tentatively called the Ten Forward Savings Fund. I am going to go ahead and make that an actual thing.

The Ten Forward Savings Fund or TFSF for short is a savings account for the Ten Forward project that is in essence what is usually referred to as a “rainy day” fund.

Future Forward

When I first started Ten Forward back in April 2017 I didn’t think I would end up running it for more than a year, two at the most. Very few of my attempts at building communities truly succeed long term. In fact, the only other one that succeeded is EntropyNet which is a small IRC network I started with a couple friends in 2011 and is still going strong.

Ten Forward is of course an entirely different type of social network from what IRC offers and the requirements of maintaining a Mastodon instance are significantly more resource intensive than running a IRC network.

With the six year anniversary of Ten Forward’s creation still in the rear view mirror the fundamental question that has been on my mind is – “what do the next five years of Ten Forward look like?”

Let’s get into it.

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