As promised in the Future Forward post, here is our very first income and expense report.

One important note about these reports, all the income and expenses happen in the previous month from when they are reported. So for example, in this report, all of the income and expenses incurred happened in May.

Income and Expenses Table

Income (Currency-Normalized)
PayPal (Ko-Fi, Patreon,$133.62
Stripe (Ko-Fi, Direct)CA$563.45
Expenses (Non-Currency-Normalized)
Expenses (Currency-Normalized)
TFSF Deposit (Income – Expenses)CA$500.98

Notes and Explainers

Income is listed using the two primary payment processors that we use, namely PayPal and Stripe. At this time I am opting to not separate out sub-sources under those processors, like for example Patreon -> PayPal or Ko-Fi -> PayPal etc.

This month’s surplus deposit is also one I expect to be an anomaly. We received a significant amount of large donations in the form of yearly subscription signups (thanks y’all!). That is why the Stripe amount is quite high. I expect future months to be lower amounts.

As far as currency normalization goes, I am currently opting to do them only for expenses. All currency conversions are done at whatever the rate is when I pay off the expense on my credit card or when the expense is charged like for Hetzner. Additionally if a currency is referred to as just $, it is the US Dollar.

For the Ten Forward Savings Fund deposit, since this is the first month an actual deposit was made, I am only listing the amount that was deposited. For future months I will be listing the previous and new balances along with any deposits or withdrawals.

The table you see above was made in Google Sheets and using the SUM and MINUS functions to calculate totals and the surplus. The table was then copy and pasted into this post.

For details on what each expense is actually for, see this wiki page.

That’s all from me. Let me know if y’all have any questions and/or suggestions on the presentation of this data.