This is Ten Forward’s income and expense report for February 2024 which as usual means that all of these values are what happened in January 2024.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Income and Expenses Table

Income (Currency-Normalized)
PayPal (Ko-Fi, Patreon,$107.35
Stripe (Ko-Fi, Direct)CA$324.97
Expenses (Non-Currency-Normalized)
Expenses (Currency-Normalized)
TFSF Deposit (Income – Expenses)CA$235.22
Previous Month’s TFSF balance (including interest)CA$1,381.48
New TFSF Balance After DepositCA$1,616.70


The most important thing to note is something I missed. Patreon recently stopped billing pledges I made to folks there in Canadian Dollars and switched to US Dollars. Since I used the same Patreon account for both incoming Ten Forward donations and outgoing donations I made to others this resulted in Patreon using my payout balance (your donations) to cover my outgoing donations.

This resulted in a total “loss” of USD$20.43 (excluding fees) that would have been otherwise marked as PayPal income in this month and last month’s reports. After discovering this a few days ago I have moved my outgoing donations to a completely separate account so this doesn’t happen again.

Other than that the biggest thing to note this month is one Patreon pledge got moved over to Stripe direct as a yearly subscription which resulted in a larger than usual number in the Stripe income. I expect some further churn in Stripe income as a couple monthly subscriptions are due to cancel later this month.

We continue to make steady progress towards our TFSF milestone of CA$2500. Considering the Patreon issues, I’d also like to ask people: if you are currently using Patreon to donate, please move over to using Stripe direct if you can. You can do that here.

That’s all from me this month, see y’all later!