This is Ten Forward’s income and expense report for March 2024 which as usual means that all of these values are what happened in February 2024.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Income and Expenses Table

Income (Currency-Normalized)
PayPal (Ko-Fi, Patreon,$115.38
Stripe (Ko-Fi, Direct)CA$154.93
Expenses (Non-Currency-Normalized)
Expenses (Currency-Normalized)
TFSF Deposit (Income – Expenses)CA$29.81
Previous Month’s TFSF balance (including interest)CA$1,618.57
New TFSF Balance After DepositCA$1,648.38


There are three important things to note in this month’s report.

First, the addition of the Porkbun cost. This was a transfer of the domain registration of from Gandi to Porkbun prior to the domain renewing at Gandi. This was done as a long term cost saving measure. Renewing the domain at Porkbun is going to be cheaper than doing so at Gandi, even accounting for currency conversion. This cost is a yearly one and will not appear in the next report.

Second, the increase in the Hetzner cost. I have added a new server at Hetzner to provide Ten Forward with full-text search capability. This month’s report has a partial increase. The full increase will show up in next month’s report. The increase will be €16.22/month which is a CPX31 server with backups as listed on our Costs page on the wiki.

Third, Hetzner is changing what its calling its “permanent” billing day to the 16th of the month. That means that instead of billing my card on the 5th of the month, they will do so on 16th. This is mildly annoying as it makes the publication of this report on the 10th of every month weird. I haven’t quite figure out what I want to do regarding that.

We are continuing to make slow but steady progress on our TFSF balance goal. I am increasing that milestone value CA$3000 from CA$2500 to account for the increase in monthly cost going forward. If you would like to contribute to this milestone, you can do so here.

That’s all from me, see y’all next month!